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Gun owners ‘must stay vigilant & engaged in politics,’ NRA says after Biden vows to DEFEAT pro-2nd Amendment group

The National Rifle Association of America has urged millions of its members to stay vigilant and politically aware in the wake of President-elect Joe Biden’s pledge to end the epidemic of gun violence by dismantling the NRA.

“I pledge to continue to work with you — and with survivors, families, and advocates across the country — to defeat the NRA and end our epidemic of gun violence,” Biden said on Friday, in a tweet to former Rep. Gabby Giffords (D-Ariz.), who was targeted in a mass shooting in Tucson on January 8, 2011, which left six dead and over a dozen injured.

On Sunday, the gun rights advocacy group responded, warning Americans that their next president is seeking to infringe on their constitutional rights and “wants to ban our semi-auto rifles, tax our guns” and “more.”

He knows the only thing standing in his way to dismantle the 2ND amendment is the NRA.

The National Rifle Association is one of the biggest advocacy groups in the United States, with a stated goal of defending the Second Amendment of the US Constitution, which enshrines Americans’ right to bear arms. The NRA’s long been a group hated by the political left for just that reason, and for its financial support of the Republican Party.

Last year, attorneys general in New York and DC filed lawsuits to try and dissolve the NRA, while San Francisco back in 2019 went as far as to declare the group a ‘domestic terrorist organization’ – only to back off when faced with a lawsuit.

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